Unrest in Weary Weakened Men

by Blacksoul Seraphim

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Based on "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen", published by William B. Sandys in 1833; original author unknown.


Unrest in weary, weakened men has sparked a seething fume
Such torrid souls divided breathe the dismal, cheerless gloom
Existence cold and diffident, resigned unto this doom
No tidings of comfort and joy.

The winds have brought a chill upon the homes of working men
As children and their mothers seeking warmth in hearth and friend
But servants to their wages, hath they not a coin to spend
No tidings of comfort and joy

The avarice of hundreds few has shattered lives unseen
And stripped the poor of homesteads for their austerity
Rapacity is worshiped to subvert all charity
No tidings of comfort and joy.

The broken and the beggars may unite in strength and force
To mobilize and protest to correct this crooked course
But radiant lights and false delights doth blind us to the source
No tidings of comfort and joy.

What hope remains when those in chains so harshly are ignored
The famished and the destitute, their grievances deplored
Our only warmth in wintertime: the constant fire of war
No tidings of comfort and joy.

Despair ye not, o’ weary men, for triumph can be gained
We offer prayer for mutiny and passions unrestrained
To break the bonds of usurers and dastards holding reign
And bring tidings of comfort and joy.

So hearken, steadfast mortal men and women trodden down
No savior but thyselves can liberate and wear the crown
The spirits of apostasy; deliv’rance hath we found!
O, tidings of comfort and joy!


released December 23, 2014
Blacksoul Seraphim is:

Joshua Carrig
Rick Lowell

Music and lyrics written by Joshua Carrig

Vocals, guitars, and keyboards performed by Joshua Carrig

Drums written and performed by Rick Lowell

Viola performed by Terése Nichole

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Jon at Stillwork Studios in Holyoke, Massachusetts



all rights reserved


Blacksoul Seraphim Northampton, Massachusetts

Inspired by Judeo-Christian mythology and artwork, Blacksoul Seraphim was created to convey the suffering, pity, and sorrow that a fallen celestial being would feel being bound to dwell in our frail, corrupted mortal society.

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