Hymns for the Vanquished

by Blacksoul Seraphim

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Joshua Carrig would like to thank: My mother, my wives (Allie Frost and Lynn Moynahan), Rebecca Meyer, Lilith Astaroth, Scott Waldie, Nicole Hamidi and Vi, Midna Cruelties, Holly Abair, Rick Chandler and the Boston Film Family, Thomas Cyranowski, Brian Aldred, Carolynne Johnson and Midnightskye Creations, Martina White, Pete Gelles, Josh Moran and Vacant Eyes, Luis Correa, Ian and Stephanie Mulligan, Jake Bell, Constantina Loukissas, Hillarie Jason, Christopher Plain, Tanya Botelho, Chris Adamcek, Clay Neely, everyone at Stillborn Twins, Vaatividya, Matt Smith and Faces of Bayon, and all you brave, wonderful, and divinely talented musicians who have worked with me.

And to Jessica Walters, wherever you are. You will always have my love.

Rick Lowell would like to thank: Benjamin Jon, Rob Broderick, Shadow Khayoss, Pete Gelles, Lilith Astaroth, Ingram Blakelock for his exceptional animation skills, all the dudes in Dethlehem for being the coolest guys in music, Jeff & Sarah Teets and Kalin Schweizerhof of MindMaze, Cole Jacobsen, Stephen Brannen, Michael Arcane, Lynn Moynahan for the coffee and (glorious) pad thai, Clay Neely for giving me something to try and top with his performance on the first album, Zodijackyl of Encyclopaedia Metallum, Ian Macdonald of Sick Drummer Magazine, Chris Adamcek, Robert Pollard, Nicole Hamidi, Eric Pellegrini, all the cats from Providence, Rhode Island, Ron Celentano, and Wesley Bourque.

Special thanks goes to Joshua Carrig for allowing me to actually debate musical decisions and create some awesome stuff with him. I look forward to making more in the years to come.

Terese Estes would like to thank: Joshua Carrig for his love and belief in me, Russ Nadeau for touching my heart, Jason Morales and Monika Clouse Morales for their friendship, Andrew Ritter for being there for the last decade, Neal Litherland for his writings and also for believing in me, Cyndal Mateja for her positive view and friendship, Robert Fritz for being my creative mentor, Regina Guge Kazda for inspiring me to do music, Melissa Gregory Simon for her teachings, and Sofia Leon Guge for all those expensive viola lessons.

Benjamin Jon would like to thank: Tequila, and Joshua Carrig. But, mostly just tequila.


released March 8, 2015

Blacksoul Seraphim is:

Joshua Carrig
Rick Lowell

All songs written by Joshua Carrig; all arrangements by Joshua Carrig and Rick Lowell

Lyrics and all clean vocals written and performed by Joshua Carrig

Harsh vocals performed by Rick Lowell.

Drums written and performed by Rick Lowell

All guitars written and performed by Joshua Carrig, except for lead guitars in Infernal Harrowing, written and performed by Nicole Hamidi.

Viola parts written and performed by Terese Estes

Violin parts written and performed by Nicole Hamidi

Album and song artwork by Rebecca Meyer. Additional work on the album artwork by Benjamin Jon.

Band logo by Riaj Gragoth (Luciferium War Graphics)

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Benjamin Jon at Stillwork Studios in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Harsh vocals for tracks 5, 6, and 7 recorded by Rick Lowell at Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Farmington, Connecticut



all rights reserved


Blacksoul Seraphim Northampton, Massachusetts

Inspired by Judeo-Christian mythology and artwork, Blacksoul Seraphim was created to convey the suffering, pity, and sorrow that a fallen celestial being would feel being bound to dwell in our frail, corrupted mortal society.

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Track Name: Exalted Genocide
Let us speak now of the quelling
Of grievous wounds upon the wings
Seraphic blasphemies split choirs in twain
And lo, unto war, did we gloriously sing.

The wonders of the heavens manifest in crimson aurora
May all mortal flesh behold this exalted genocide in awe.

There is no beauty in the axiom
Our liberty became our torment
Even as feathers fall to the earth
The races of men kneel down in reverence.

No grandeur could rival our deaths
No pain could be as resplendent
Eternal flesh of righteous creation
Torn and damned in bitter descent.

The majesty of stagnation prevails
Insanity and freedom lie suppressed beyond the veil.
Track Name: The Catalyst
A saturnine crawl across vile plains
Through allies, fallen and slain
She was the one
The spark of the flame
The whispers of love
The rebellion profane.

And she, the catalyst soul
Defied the tenets of paradise
Blazing wings in tow
She laid the Dominions low.
Heed the Seraphim’s words
She tells of her demise
The dread beauty of Elohim
And the persecution hymns.

Confined to the dark depths of the mountains
Thriving on meager prayers and beliefs
She held the blade
Of sedition and grief
The deific bane
The revolution and the relief.

Cast out in defeat...our faces were obscured
We were the demons of the sky
The mortal soul hungered to become so perfect and so pure
Thus did we rule them through Pride.
Track Name: The Sightless Hero
The onus of discovery alleviated from the eyes
Born in darkness, the hero knows only courage
Robust and vigorous, swift as the titans’ stride
Unto the ailing nations, sworn a protector’s pledge

It is not for the hero to decide
Nor relent against scores to slay
Cleaving paths as righteous men divide
And cunning devils place valor on display.

Everlasting war calls to the valiant
Such glories demand the demise of fated enemies
In blindness, the intrepid one cannot recant
Unable to see the faces of the tyrants he swore to appease.

Cacophonous cries resounding
Triumphant conscripts surrounding
The bellow of broken minds
Injured, beaten, and blind.

Forgotten in the chemical flames
Disfigured countenance in the frame.
All are sightless in the battlefield haze
Such are the benevolent nations’ ways.

The onus of discovery alleviated from the eyes
Born in darkness, the hero knows only death
Stalwart and obedient; adjuration misguides
A legend condemned to destroy until his final breath.
Track Name: The Squire
Behold, a boy entrusted with words of divinity
To deliver unto us the Gatekeeper’s keys.

O, pray...pray for the squire
An errant corpse still walking the land...
What tidings he brings, woeful and dire
His missive speaks of the End...

Chosen to tread forgotten paths in solitude
Condemned to this quest, dispatched to intrude.
Youthful years withered by centuries' demand
Banshees and manes reach out to grasp his hands.

Silence surrounds the knightly silhouette
His armor, a rusted fortress of regrets
None worthier to bear this sacred curse
In the barren land he has traversed.

Salvation lingers upon his lips
Yet no mortal dares to draw near
Upon his quire he lays his grip
And prays at last for the words to be read for all the damned to hear.
Track Name: Barren Martyr
Chastity, this vital flesh to find
An offering of a tranquil mind.
To bear the guilt and agonies
To embrace the lepers and their disease.

She stands alone, burnt flesh endures
Resilience to the suffering and the cure.
Chastities and profundities
The martyr remains unmoved by calamity.

Barren is the body
And fallow is the field
The horizon hollow as the souls of men who shall never be healed.

Crippled are the spirits
Disfigured are the births
Of the martyrs that emerge to crawl upon this barren earth.
Track Name: Putrid Throne
He presides over barren fields of waste
The tongues of men draw insects to this place
Past majesties but a fading memory
The familiar stench of filth and duplicity.

Vermilion skies burnt black with agony
Genuflections offered to hypocrisy.
Even after the vultures have flown
The denizens still flock to the putrid throne…

He sits atop an offal mound of flesh
A father of lies as foundlings to the creche
Diaphanous wings of an insect nephilim
A maggot’s frame in place of lower limbs.

Doomed to speak naught but heresies
Honeyed words to all he oversees.
Even after the tumors have grown
The denizens still flock to the putrid throne.

He will destroy this place again
And break the bodies of broken men
But from the ruins, they will rise
To implore the throne for further lies.

In this shattered realm
The truth is solely his (mine) to bear
He found his (my) place in hell
When he fell to earth in despair.
Track Name: Neonatal Saint
This is the origin of agonies
This cruel birth unto the unknown
A gauntlet of litanies and deformities
A temple of tears and the womb of a crone.

Descending nightmare
Of malformed fiends and memories
There is no comfort
There is no indemnity.

O, sweet cherubim
Split flesh to find your wings
Let not defiled blood and sickened skin
Anchor this saint from soaring.

Breaking the chains...
The umbilical incineration
It's time to go, little one.

Others have come before you
Such anguish can they withstand
Spilling offal and excrement
You walk amongst the damned.

Those abandoned and stillborn
Hoard treasures for the crawl
Here is what you matter most:
A blessing unto us all.

Descending unto the terror
And the painful truth...
Devouring the knowledge
With a monster's tooth.

Return here to the dark
To gaze upon our misery
Be reborn and leave us all behind.

O, sweet cherubim
Today, you die once more.
Your body may break and bend to the world's unholy whims
But in your temple of tears, the light will gleam forevermore.
Track Name: The Vessel
Violations upon the flesh
This maiden’s mettle defined
Through blessings of sword and faith
In her body, a demon confined.

The judgments of holy men
Of victims’ maternal misdeeds
This antediluvian command
To bear all burgeoning seeds.

O, the Vessel suffers the spawn
And lo, the beast will crawl beneath the dawn.

Rising once more
Her journey to seek absolution
Forgiveness dwells not within mortal hearts
And she dreams of bifold execution

Piety and power hold firm
Even saints were made to seethe
‘Tis the purview of demons to ruin and wreak
‘Tis the purpose of vessels to receive.

The heavens gave license to the depths
To wrack and test the frail mortal soul
From demons, did men learn to covet
And through fervor, exact their toll.

It is her will to see vanquished
The hellions that vessels have bred
And as the world withers to ash in her eyes
She utters the mantra: “God is dead.”
Track Name: Eleemosynary
Track Name: Infernal Harrowing
O’ take flight, ye scorned and scarred
To dimensions known only to aberrants such as we are
Ire stirs against the sowers of sin
The infernal harrowing begins.

Raise broken blades
Grand lances adorned with rust
They carry the power, still
To crush devils’ bones to dust.

Though our deeds may go unseen
And spirits remain ever torn
Vindication is within our grasp
None shall be mourned.

Bereft of succor and bliss
The accursed firmament
No sacred voices abjure
The fiendish defile without relent

Thus, vengeance instills
To enkindle our souls once more
Awash in befouled blood
Our sanity is restored.

Our onslaught falters against a stark reflection
The unhallowed truth that we deny
Arrogance is the shameful mantle we wear
'Tis justice that in battle we are to die.

And so, we carve a path to absolution
Remove the wicked roots for revolution
Steeped in the bile of traducers and beasts
May we rise from our disgrace unto heavenly surcease.

And lo, a forgotten sun bears the warmth
Rejoice, for the battle is won.
Malediction shall ever seek subversion
Paradise lies obscured, but never undone.

The wonders of the heavens
Manifest in florid aurora
May all mortal flesh be redeemed
By this infernal harrowing in awe.